303, Tower-01, HEWO-01, Sector 56, Gurgaon – 122011


Project: Restaurant IN Q-Center Prototype for Sahara

Project Status : Concept development – Completed.

Scope of work: Concept development, Design Detailing and Project co-ordination.

Design Brief :
The restaurant serving a collection of high quality meals, snacks, combo meals, a full capacity bar would be a part of Q Centres, strategically placed in localities, enabling easy access for locals and thus becoming a preferred destination to be at .

Design concept :
A unique restaurant interior design to differentiate this property from the ordinary dine- outs in the market and that would print the brand in the customers’ minds , is what we’ve tried to achieve with our proposal. Against a palette of neutral beige are multilayered materials of stained wood, wall murals , wallpaper and stone in varied finishes. These are complemented by textured fabrics and accessories to create a soothing atmosphere which makes it possible to use the restaurant for varied occasions, both private and business. The restaurant shall be a warm place where the community comes together.