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The way we work

Responsive Design - The way we work...

In the times of speeding up, we are relentless. While standing we need to be on the toes, while sitting we have to be on the edge and our mind constantly thinks of deadlines. Being early is important for us to achieve satisfaction of clients irrespective of industry or client type.

This rush constantly translates to opening new offices, new stores, new restaurants, new entertainment zones in shortest possible timelines. Our triangle of Time, Cost & Quality is becoming more rigid every day. Highest quality being demanded at lowest possible cost within fixed timeline. We use tried and tested methods and deploy them at the new situations & spaces to get the results. So does this translates into what we desire?

Our initial desire is that the space suffices our requirement or its purpose, but it gets the yardstick of time, cost & quality. Requirement sufficiency or responding to purpose is a difficult yardstick to define. It could be Customers served in an hour for restaurant, Popcorn sold on a movie theater, second time customers in a shop or Employee retention for BPOs.

Focus on Purpose: Architecture & Interior designing can focus beyond the triangle of cost, time & quality on responding to requirements of the owner. Designs created to fulfill the original purpose of space. Designers need to understand business as a member of client, a job well done by the internal design teams of clients but sometimes poorly received by the actual designer, leading to achievement of triangle but losing of purpose. The Designers can bring aspects that will achieve the purpose.

Understanding the business and driving factors for the clients beyond the usual: Just an example out of my personal experience working with one of the large multiplex operators, the operators make significant business from the confectioneries though the main business is movies. A carefully thought through design can definitely maximize the sales during the short movie breaks. Various other factors similar to this in other business or industry can be optimized by design.

Positive Vibes: A very important factor in today’s industry is retaining talent. The office environment is a big influence. The design of office can inspire liveliness, energy, bonding and most importantly can inculcate the culture of the organization to the people. Every one of us has walked into spaces that made us feel happy, energetic, enthusiastic. That could be an office where we would love to work. Beyond the warmth of people who welcomed us in, it’s just the design which makes us feel that way.

Improving Functionality of Space: Bring innovation by understanding the usage. In an office, it was figured out that the pedestal being used by users was filled with personal stuff and the biggest drawer was used to keep helmet by gents and handbags by ladies. The stationary usage was nominal. The desktops were sleek and hardly a writing pad was being used. Centralized lockers, smaller pedestals and smaller workstations increased the space usage significantly in the new office. Open offices, convertible meeting rooms, flexible space designs are some such innovations.

A space that fulfills its objective is created by a design that responds to your requirement. That’s called a responsive design. The reason that we design at Sukriti Design Studio is to fulfill our promises of “creating responsive designs”.